About Us

Sisters and best friends, Missy and Jill needed a little something to "sweeten" up their lives. Both teachers and admitted chocoholics, they used their creativity and sweet tooth to cook up the perfect treat! After testing the recipe on family and friends… rave reviews encouraged them to enter the real business world.


Strange as it may seem, this story begins in the back seat of an SUV with 4 kids, a bag of pretzels and a melted mess of chocolate and caramel.

Six short years ago on a hot sticky day in July, Jill and Missy were taking the kids home from a trip to the zoo. The ruckus in the back suddenly turned quiet. Jill turned around to find the children stirring their pretzel sticks in the caramel chocolate bar that had melted. Their chocolate covered smiles reflected that they had created something great.

Out of curiosity, the sisters tried the concoction, and discovered for themselves the taste sensation that evolved into the birth of Twisted Sisters Gourmet Pretzel Treats.

The Brand Grows

Twisted Sisters has rapidly become a highly recognized brand throughout the Country, in part through multiple appearances on the Shopping Channel, and national retail distribution throughout Canada.

This young company is proud to have been recognized by the prestigious LCBO Food & Drink magazine, with a feature article in a recent holiday issue